Round 9 - Croft Endurance (3hr)

Round 9 - Croft Endurance (3hr)

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Croft Circuit

Saturday 23rd September 2017

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If you have any questions related to your entry in this event, please contact Toni on 01525 877087 option 2. 



All Machines must comply with ACU open class standing regulations and must adhere to the No Limits Racing (NLR) Endurance Technical Regulations.

Rider Eligibility

Riders must be members of No Limits Racing to enter the Championships. Membership is £30 annually or £10 per meeting. Riders must hold a valid ACU, SACU licence or European FMN Licence (subject to production of written start permission and proof of Insurance to FIM minimum standards). The Clerk of the Course or their representative is the final arbiter regarding rider eligibility and acceptance.

Team Eligibility

Teams must consist of 2, 3 or 4 riders with either 1 bike per team (SOLO) or 1 bike per rider (TAG). All teams will be eligible for points, trophies and event prizes. Each team must register up to 4 permanent riders in the team prior to their first event, with space for a further 2 permanent riders and 2 wildcard riders (that may only be used once per season). Each team must nominate one member (non-rider) to be their “Crew Chief” for the event, who will act as the point of contact for your team. This person will be issued a purple bib for identification purposes. The crew chief must be over 18 years of age.


  • Club 600 & 1000 - Eligibility for the Club Endurance Championship will be restricted to ACU and SACU novice/intermediate novice and clubman licence holders only, on entry into the championship during the 2016 season.
  • ACU National 600 & 1000 - Eligibility for the ACU National Endurance Championship is open to all ACU & SACU licence holders or European FMN Licence Holders (subject to production of written start permission and proof of Insurance to FIM minimum standards).


All machines must run Pirelli or Metzeler branded tyres only. Any Team using any other brand of tyre will be penalised:

During Qualifying: Must start race from the back of the grid

During Race: Exclusion from race results

Permit Number : TBC