DC 520 Gold Xring Chain - RACE Spec

DC 520 Gold Xring Chain - RACE Spec

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Dyna Chain 520 pitch 120 link racing gold chain. 

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Japanese made high quality X ring chain. Suitable for Superbike use. As used by Michael Dunlop and many other top teams. 

Correct chain tension and lubrication is essential. It will prevent excessive wear and pressure on the sprocket teeth, the chain joints and the gearbox main shaft bearings. A chain that is too loose will wear quickly and may have a whip action that can cause it to snap. A chain that is too tight or too loose will result in excessive elongation. 

Motorcycle drive chains are exposed to dust, dirt, grime and other types of corrosive and erosive particles that reduce their power transmission efficiency and life. Although O and X rings seal in OEM lubricant, additional lubrication puts a layer of oil between the roller and bushing to absorb shock load. 

Correct cleaning and maintenece of a drive chain will increase the performance not only your chain, but also the motorcycle. Less friction on the chain, which can be achieved by correct tension and lubrication, means more horsepower can be transferred from the engine to the rear wheel.