Afam Racing Lightweight Hard Anodised Rear Sprocket

Afam Racing Lightweight Hard Anodised Rear Sprocket

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To order this product please contact Race Support. 

Lightweight racing sprockets from Afam. As used in Moto GP, WSBK, BSB and NLR!

Benefit from No Limits Member Prices, rear sprockets starting from £26.99. 

Afam aluminum rear sprockets are all manufactured in aluminum 7075 with T6 surface hardening. Precise tolerances combined with the perfect Afam tooth profile are the secrets for this premium quality product. 

Due to the number of variants of these please contact James in Race Support to discuss your needs. 01525 877087 option 4.

Do you need to know when need to change your sprocket ...

here is a new one and a worn one 


You can see on the worn sprocket how the teeth have elongated and worn. This in turn wears the chain out quicker and also means the sprocket could slip in the running of the chain. If the sprocket slips in the chain you will lose drive.