Buy a pair of Metzeler tyres and receive a free gift

Buy a pair of Metzeler tyres and receive a free gift

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We have a limited number of these fabulous Metzeler boost packs to give away WHEN YOU BUY A PAIR OF METZELER TYRES through our online shop!! 

Buy a pair of Metzeler tyres (whilst stocks last of the starter pack) and No Limits will post you one of these out with your order. 

How many times have you or one of the lads gone to start your bike on a track day and it just needs that little helping hand to turn over ... lets be honest we have nearly all suffered from leaving the ignition on overnight in the van or something daft enough to run a battery down!

With this little baby you don't need to worry about bringing along the charger off the wall in the garage or the massive starter pack someone once used to start the Starship Enterprise and gave it to you to get it out of their way ... you can just take this niffty little starter pack along in your pocket everywhere you go! 

Small in size but massive in power, this Metzeler starter pack will start your bike, charge your phone and also has a torch ... so you can see what you are doing when you are trying to start the bike to get it in the van the night before a track day and cant see what you are doing ... Cmon we have pretty much all done this as well!! 

Order a set of Metzeler tyres from our webshop today and we shall send you the tyres and this charger carriage free on a UKMail signed for delivery! Contact James in Race Support for the best deals. 01525 877087 Option 4 or 

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